As a follow up to last month’s post, I wanted to share my ghost-face photos with you. In case you missed my blog from June, I did a post on some books that I’d read about cases investigated by the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

In one of the books they explained that if you take a photo of a gravestone, you can sometimes see the face of the person buried there in the lichen on the stone. And I, of course, had to go to my local cemetery and check it out.

Can you see the face to the left upper side of the stone? To me it’s very obvious, but not everyone that I showed it to was able to see what I saw.

In this photo, I see a woman’s head in the upper part of the stone on the right, it looks almost like a cameo to me. For the stone on the left, I see the eyes, nose, mouth and chin of a man, do you?

After sharing my initial experience with my sister, she and I headed out to a different, and even older cemetery, to see what new faces we might find. We came across the above stone which, I believe, shows a man’s face very clearly. I hope you can make it out, as well.

This man’s face shows in the upper left-hand corner, his eyes and nose stand out the most to me. My sister and I came across many others, but it isn’t always easy to tell if you are really seeing something, or if you are making it up, a little like a rorschach inkblot.

Some faces, I could see when I first looked at the pictures, but when I went back, I could no longer locate a face. I was sure that I could see the face of a baby on poor Blanche’s stone but, now when I look at it, I can’t be sure what I’m seeing, if anything at all.

I only posted the photos, other than Blanche’s, that I thought the majority of viewers would be able to make out the faces on. I hope you can, and I would be very curious to hear your thoughts about this. If you take any photos of your own and are successful, please share them. I think it’s a very intriguing experiment.  

Thanks for joining me and keep on reading!


Author: debbieboek

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