In May 2019, I walked up to the precipice and jumped. I quit my job and dedicated myself to pursuing my passion of writing novels. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I’ve really enjoyed being able to wake up every day and do what I love.

Unfortunately, I also have to eat and pay the bills so I now have to return to the real world. I do intend to continue writing but I won’t have time to post any more blogs, so this will be the last one.

 Looking back over this past year and a half, I was pleasantly surprised to see what I’ve been able to accomplish and I thought I might leave you with a glimpse of that.

June 2019: I published Devil’s Gathering, the third book in the Devereaux Chronicles series.

October 2019: I published When The Knight Falls, the second book in the Knights Are Forever series.
If Not For The Knight was originally published in 2004 and over the years, I’ve received quite a few requests for a sequel. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out how I wanted to go about doing that and I think it worked out well.

December 2019: I published the ebook box set of the Devereaux Chronicles.

January 2020: I published Winter’s Knight, the third and final book in the Knights Are Forever series. This may be my favorite of all of them. I just love the characters and the way the story unfolded.

April 2020: I published Devil’s Veil, the fourth book in the Devereaux Chronicles. I always have fun trying to come up with new creatures and scenarios to torment the Devereaux’ as they work on getting their lives together.

June 2020: Devil’s Bait was released as my first audiobook. Jenny Kelly did an excellent job as narrator and it was a great experience. The audiobook world is still new to me, but I may also have the others in the series done at some point in the future.

Still to Come:

October 2020:  Devil’s Jubilee, the 5th book in the Devereaux Chronicles, will be released on 10/13/20. The storylines from the 2nd book on take place in 2019 and this one finishes out that year. It occurs over Christmas and I thought about waiting until later in the year to publish it, but then realized that it’s also a good, creepy Halloween read, and so it’ll be out in October.

Either by the end of 2020 or early in 2021, the audiobook for If Not For The Knight, the first book in the Knights Are Forever series, should be finished and released. I’m hoping to have the same narrator, Millie Jones, complete the other two books in that series over the course of 2021, but they do take time and have to be fit in with her other projects. Millie is doing a fantastic job narrating the story and I’m very excited about this project.

I’m currently working on a thriller which takes place in the late 1890’s. It focuses primarily on Lunatic Asylums and vengeance – should be a fun ride, don’t you think? I am anticipating that it will be released sometime in the first half of 2021.

Since this will be my last blog post, I wanted to thank you and to let you know how appreciative I’ve been of everyone’s support along my journey. I also wanted to wish you all the best as you follow your own dreams.

Take care and thank you.

Debbie Boek


Author: debbieboek

I am the author of The Devereaux Chronicles, a series of supernatural thrillers and I've also completed a series of medieval historical romance novels called Knights Are Forever. All of my books are available at amazon.com and if you visit my website at debbieboek.com you can learn more about all of my books and other places where you can obtain them.

2 thoughts on “EMBRACE YOUR DREAMS”

  1. Omg. This is awesome. I have tears but they are happy proud tears. To the naysayers I say SUCK IT. To the believers I say YOU DAMN RIGHT!!!!!! GIRL CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

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